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Blinders Off

Nov 5, 2018

Are we "overparked"? This might sound like an absurd question...until you research why and how the quality of St. Louis City Parks can vary so widely. In this episode, join Matt & Lucas as they explore the funding mechanisms that feed or starve parks, the history and operation of one of the city's crown jewels, and help us determine whether we have too much green space, or are lucky to have it! Parkscore A handy guide to measuring the size and quality of parks, great for your civics wonks and favorite researchers! Additional show notes and research available here: Send us feedback, thoughts, and ideas for episodes: Interview guests include: Bill Reininger Executive Director at Tower Grove Park Kimberlee Haegele Parks Commissioner (2nd in command to the Director of Parks) Park Picnic Project Local park enthusiasts who documented every park in St. Louis, and huge fans of picnic dining. Locality Studio Design firm, printmaking, art, and more! They feature city designs including St. Louis. Great gifts for any city lover, but especially cool watercolor designs featuring STL and it’s neighborhoods.